JOTI Radio is proud to announce we’ve been awarded Trusted Partner status for JOTAJOTI 2019, again! Join us for all the best music and entertainment on the 18th – 20th October, where we’ll be working alongside the other partners to give you a JOTA-JOTI weekend like none other! This year’s other Trusted Partners include JOTI.TV, […]

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6 April 2018


JOTA JOTI returns for 2019! It’s the world’s largest Scouting event which sees over 1 million Scouts take part, communicating via the internet and the airwaves. Find out more here.

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6 April 2018


JOTI TV is JOTA-JOTI’s official online TV station who let you see JOTI. They’re live throughout the weekend with a range of programs which are contributed to by Scouts around the world. Click here to visit JOTI.TV

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6 April 2018


ScoutLink is a global, non-profit organisation that aims to connect Scouts and Guides from all over the world. They do this in many ways, but their 3 main services are IRC/Webchat (text chat), TeamSpeak (voice chat), and Minecraft. Although the busiest time of the year is during JOTI, they are online every day of the year. You can […]

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