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Getting your group involved in JOTA-JOTI

JOTA-JOTI is a huge opportunity for groups to take part in. It allows young people to talk to other Scouts & Guides around the world to make new friends and learn more about international Scouting.


Many groups will build JOTA-JOTI into a weekend camp. These camps usually have an international theme.

In the UK, Scout Adventures runs a JOTA-JOTI event at 3 national centres, the event at Woodhouse Park is run by JOTI Radio and is our HQ for the weekend. Click here to find out more.

Activity sessions

Many areas will put on large-scale events over JOTA-JOTI. This can be a great way to increase involvement as it reduces the organisational burden on group leaders and a larger number of participants means that you can hire a bigger and better venue.

Good venues

A good venue will have…

A good venue might be…

Good activities

It’s important to offer a wide range of activities and not to spend too long on any one activity so that young people don’t lose interest. The best way to take part in JOTA-JOTI is to build it into a bigger event about communication and international scouting.

You can find activity ideas at the following places…

Planning your event

Here are some ideas of other activities your group could do that don’t require a computer:

During the event

After the event

Amateur Radio

Amateur (or HAM) Radio is the ‘JOTA’ side of JOTA-JOTI. Using radio frequencies, young people can talk to people all over the world – on a good day it’s even possible to talk to people on the other side of the world!

You need a license and a lot of technology to use amateur radio, but many radio clubs are really excited about getting young people involved in amateur radio and have been helping with JOTA-JOTI for decades. Groups in the United Kingdom can find their local club at

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