JOTA-JOTI is a weekend event held on the third weekend of October annually and for the last 60 years where Scouts and Guides across the world connect with each other using the airwaves and the internet.

The World JOTA-JOTI Team considered avenues to support greater involvement of young people in the JOTA-JOTI weekend, to achieve a target of 3 million registered attendees involved by 2021 and available to as many young people as possible throughout the world. In 2017 about 1.5 million participants were involved from 152 countries.  Areas considered as future priority work are:

  • increasing participation by NSOs and youth members;
  • creating innovative and immersive educational experiences;
  • increasing communication and partnerships;
  • keeping the technical infrastructure current.

One implementation to achieve those targets is having ambassadors in NSO’s to promote and support the JOTA-JOTI event and grow it along with the growth targets of each NSO.

Purpose of the ambassador role

To promote the JOTA-JOTI event, encourage participation, support participants and grow the event in the NSO.

Role description

Expected activities:

The National JOTA-JOTI Ambassadors (NJA’s) will

  • Represent the WJJT in their country.
  • Significantly increase participation in JOTA-JOTI with an agreed percentage each year, in line with the growth target of their NSO.
  • Have a focus on event promotion.
  • Assist with the dissemination of information.
  • Promote JOTA-JOTI at national conferences, decision making assemblies, and other relevant national events.
  • Set up a youth-member promotion team to assist them in making JOTA-JOTI available to as many young people as possible.
  • Ensure programme quality and consider how JOTA-JOTI can be used to achieve elements of the Scout training programme. Introduce e.g. a reward scheme.
  • Liaise with the national amateur radio body with the aim of increasing access to licensed amateur radio operators to assist with local JOTA-JOTI events.
  • Annually draft the National JOTA-JOTI Story to tell about the event and show progress. Submit to the World JOTA-JOTI Team for inclusion in the World JOTA-JOTI Report.

Expected position, skills and experience:

The National JOTA-JOTI Ambassadors (NJA’s)

  • Are the single point of contact for the WJJT in their country.
  • Are part of the JOTA-JOTI ambassador circle.
  • Have a direct entry into or are part of the national educational methods committee and / or national governing board.
  • Have well-developed oral and written communication skills in their own language and English.
  • Embrace information technology and social media.
  • Can spread enthusiasm to youth members and are well-organized.
  • Have a passion for, and understanding of, international Scouting.
  • Have helpful experience of taking part in JOTA-JOTI.

Role introduction in the field

The world JOTA-JOTI team foresees the introduction of the Ambassador role during the course of 2018. With the intended completion before mid 2019.

At this point in time, we are asking the International Commissioners of each National Scout Organization, together with their National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator, to review the role as described above and suggest possible candidates to the world JOTA-JOTI team.

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